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Nézsa cimer


The Nézsa Manor and the park surrounding it

kastely_01visszaIn the center, at the axis of the road leading to the church stands the Manor. The construction was started in the 1740s by István Klobusitzky, then in 1896 Miklós Blaskovich added one storey and two tower-rooms. There were stables, cow-sheds, farm-buildings belonging to it in the village. It is often called "Reviczky Manor".

Besides the baron's resident there was a large dining room, guest rooms, library, reading room and a sports-hall. The kitchen and the quarters of the personnell was in a separate building next to the manor (where now the chemist's is). Water was pumped from a well - close to where the dentist's is now - to large containers on the lofts of the two buildings and it was then distributed to the necessary places. The pumps were operated by horses. This job was done by Ferenc Bíró.

The valet, István Barát, usually stayed in the manor.

kastely_09The main engineer was Géza Hugyecz. The manor had its own generator for lighting; electricity was installed in the farm-buildings, to the houses of craftsmen as well as to the house of the steward. Heating was provided by tile stoves.

There were two entrances to the manor, one at the front and one at the back fro those who arrived by carriage or automobile.

The last owner, baron Durneiss lived here till the November of 1944 then fled to Germany. His mother stayed, but the Russian drove her out of the manor. István Barát receive her into his quarters.

kastely_06The manor had a strong metal fence with a spectacular wrought iron gate. The 10 hectare park aroung the manor was the resting place for the residents and the guests as well.

There was a small lake in the park, which had a garden of the shore. Gardeners, besides their regular jobs did plant improvement and propagation.

The park is a protected area. The old trees show a well thought of planning concept. Unfortunately planting of past decades were not that good, and cutting space out of the park for other purposes caused also harm.
The still remaining old trees, however, give a good base for a hopefully soon to be rehabilitation of the park. There are 24 different kinds of trees, most of them are "leafy" trees, and they stand well the adverse circumstances. On the southern edge there is a small creek. Renovating the old bed and the pool-system would add a lot to the beauty of the park.

kastely_03During World War Two, in 1945 the Russians operated a military hospital in the building. After the war, seeing there is no one to take care of the manor, people plundered the manor. It was doomed and sentenced to be demolished, but luckily - and thank to the hard work and lobbying of László Koncz - the building survived and can still be seen.

To the suggestion of the leaders of the village it was converted into school. Parents and teachers put in a lot of hours for free to make that plan come true.

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